Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bapu´s Property: For Sale

It was literally "Bapu for Sale"

Our beloved Bapu, Great Soul, Father of Nation´s properties went on auction recently. In fact i wanted to make a post on the amount of expenditure India does on defense that has boosted the per capita debt of indians to cross Rs.30000/-. Anyway, this was not the focus of this post but Mr. Otis, who sold our bapu´s properties, negotiated seriously with our government and demanded that If they want to stop auctioning bapu, let them increase the budget allocation to help poor rather than to invest so much into defense (after the mumbai attacks Govt increased the budget allocation for the defense once again). whatever , things have been auctioned and our savior hero Mr. Mallaya has fought and bought them for $1.8 million.

Though i am happy that our father of nation´s belongings will be in our museum, I am not happy the way it was auctioned, I am not happy for making a materialistic business out of a man whose life´s important message is to live simple and non-materialistic.

I think that the property of bapu is not his spectacles/sandals/blood report, but his real property he has given to all of us are his preachings (Though i don't completely agree with all of his teachings).

Note: Bapu said not to take liquor, on Gandhi jayanthi all the liquor shops are closed, now the one who recovered the things back happens to be Mr. Mallya the liquor king of india :) , from the money earned through the drinking of millions of indians. Thats why i mean, 'Bapu for Sale', we have left all his preachings but spend millions just to keep his spectacles / sandals in museum.